Advanced formats

Boost advertising performance by natively showcasing price, discount, live traffic, timer or any text. By using our advanced native formats you can more effectively communicate with your audience.


Leading Slovenian media

Your ads will be displayed in the leading Slovenian online media in the context of the LIVENETLIFE widgets showcasing the most visited and interesting content. Right now the widgets are displayed to 6338 users @ 2788 pages.



Real-Time Bidding Auction (RTB). You pay only as much as offered by the competition or the publisher’s minimum. Cost-per-click or verified 1 second view in the field of vision. Right now the average CPC = 0.1007 EUR.



Content marketing

Automatically market the most popular content. Additionally showcase live traffic to associate content with trust and security. Take over the entire widget for accelerated discovery and additional branding. Happy customers include Zemanta Inc., MERKUR d.d. and Delo d.o.o.


Product recommendations

Natively showcase any incentive like live traffic, price, discount, timer or any text associated with your product. Take over the entire widget for increased performance and additional branding. Happy customers include Criteo Inc.,,



Showcase the total live traffic at your brand's website. This way you will associate your brand with trust, security, and popularity. Your brand showcased in premium Slovenian media together with many live visitors will leave a lasting impression of relevance.



Classic native

For classic native advertising all we need are image and title. This format is therefore quick, easy and connectable. It is especially suitable for content marketing and sales promotion.


Native with incentive

Any attractive incentive can be added in a native way. This can very effectively communicate price, discounts, downloads, etc of your offering. This format is very suitable for sales promotion.


Native with traffic

This is a special type of incentive format which enables showcasing the current traffic at the landing page or site. Already a few current visitors attract others and raise confidence in your offering. This type is suitable for content marketing, sales promotion and branding.


Dynamic native

This format enables any dynamic changes to the creative. For example, the countdown timer is added to reflect the temporal expiration of the offer. Dynamics draw attention and reflect the temporal dependency of the offer. This format is suitable primarily for promotions.


Widget takeover

When interacting with the basic ad it can take over the entire widget with your related ads. This way the entire widget changes into a showcase of your brand, which also takes the place of the title of the widget. For branding, sales promotion and content marketing.


Please contact us and jump start your ROI with 50% off on your first advanced native campaign.

We are looking forward to your advanced native campaign which enables you to programmatically showcase your offering together incentives like live traffic, price, discount or any text on the leading Slovenian media.
— Jure Ferlež, CEO