Jure Ferlež
CEO & co-founder

LiveNetLife International d.o.o.
Ul. Bratov Tuma 10
SI-1000 Ljubljana


Our vision is to offer a new way of online networking and establish a new dimension of cooperation beyond the currently dominant social frameworks. Integration, cooperation and mutual support between users is created by connectivity based on mutual interests. The quantity and quality of relationships can be significantly increased, enabling the improvement of private and commercial cooperation. Traditional industries such as publishing media, online stores and marketplaces can use the LIVENETLIFE technology to develop new offerings and business opportunities. Companies can also use the LIVENETLIFE to improve internal communication and collaboration. LIVENETLIFE can be seen as self-service, in the form of additional applications for a particular environment (eg social networks) or as an integrated module for various applications.


The LIVENETLIFE service enables real time contextual collaboration. This provides a new communication channel between online people. Semantic algorithms decide in real time which web pages, documents, emails or presentations should include which online people who form an ad-hoc interest group. This is a path breaking approach to online communication and information discovery.


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