Show live your most visited pages (suitable for home page) or related and visited pages (suitable for long tail of articles or products) in real time. This boosts trust, community, discovery and monetization.

Examples (in Slovenian language):


How about increasing trust, community and swarm discovery by decorating your web site with real time information on concurrent web site visitors? Headers, footers, menus, breadcrumbs and any general link can be decorated with information on the number of people currently visiting your website, website sections or indivudal pages. All the LIVENETLIFE NUMBERS update in realtime.

Examples (in Slovenian language):


Boost your community by enabling smart cross page chat experience which enables your visitors to interact with those other visitors who are viewing similar content. This boosts trust, community and discovery.

Examples (some in Slovenian language):


The real time information behind the LIVENETLIFE widgets described above is available also in a form of a programmatic javascript API running inside any modern web browser. This enables smart use of LIVENETLIFE information for different purposes. For instance, detection of many customers visiting the only remaining item in stock as shown in the example below (in Slovenian language).

//enable API so we can show total and compare demand and supply
LNLParameters.EnableAPI = true;
window.LNLAPI.EventHandler = function(eventName, param){
        if (/AggQuery/.test(eventName) && 
            param.state.NrUsers > stock && 
            param.state.NrUsers > window.LNLAPI.previousNrUsers){
                 window.LNLAPI.previousNrUsers = param.state.NrUsers;
                 $.notify('There is only '+stock+' item'+(stock>1?'s':'')+' left but ' + param.state.NrUsers + ' visitors are viewing it right now');


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