Showcase live traffic to accelerate sales and amplify marketing.

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Customers feel safer and decide faster when they know that they are not alone. LIVENETLIFE Widgets turn the visitors of your online store into a self aware community which boosts confidence, enables swarm discovery of favorable products and highlights purchase accelerating demand/supply ratios.

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One of Slovenia's largest retailers applied LIVENETLIFE Widgets to a rigorous AB test in Google Analytics. The results show statistically significant 20% increase in Average Revenue per session:


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Customers feel safer and click faster when they see there are already people at the promoted item or content. LIVENETLIFE Advertising showcases online store's live traffic directly in the ad creatives. Boost CTR by showcasing live traffic with every (re)marketed product. Amplify swarm discovery by dynamically advertising the store's most popular products or content. Associate popularity and trust with the store brand by showcasing the whole store as full of customers.

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